Erotic story – ‘The Tupperware party’

Main character Rosy really enjoys women. The friendly facial mime, spontaneity, tenderness and of course the beautiful curves; breasts and buttocks. In addition to her work, she regularly organizes Tupperware workshops, where she loves to tease and seduce (straight) women. When she is asked by a new female colleague to organize a Tupperware party, it quickly becomes clear that not only Tupperware will be sold.

                                                  The Tupperware Party

On a dull, rainy Thursday afternoon, a new colleague addresses me: “Rosy, I heard you sell Tupperware, because I’m still looking for a new set of trays…” The words escape hastily from her mouth and her voice sounds warm and even a little hoarse.
I look up from my computer screen, which contains all kinds of texts that I am translating and look at her briefly with a smile. The lady looks at me shyly with her big, beautiful, bright blue eyes.

There is a clump of mascara on her long lashes, which shows that this was done hastily this morning. Her beautiful full blonde hair falls just over her shoulders. I blush for a moment. Then my eyes quickly slide to her beautiful full breasts as this woman is standing next to me and this is the viewing height from my sitting position. Her bosom bulges out of her much too tight dark blue blouse and accentuate her beautiful feminine figure. A lot bigger and firmer than my modest little cup! Her high heels make the woman appear taller and her hips are nicely rounded. I’d love to wrap my arms around that, stroke her long hair, and dance with her until we drop! I grin for a moment. I enjoy the beautiful view and can already feel it tickling in my lower abdomen.

“Her bosom bulges out of her much too tight dark blue blouse and accentuate her beautiful feminine figure. A lot bigger and firmer than my modest little cup!”

I catch myself looking at my colleague for far too long, blush for a moment and then look mischievous. The woman picks this up and our eyes meet for a moment… Then she glances at me as if she is scanning me! I am young, friendly, helpful and at the same time very naughty. I have long blond hair up to my ass, I am short in stature and I sit behind my desk in a sweater and wide high pants. My mouth widens, I grin at her with my mischievous smile and raise my eyebrows. “You mean the Happy Sets?” I wink. “You have the well-known Chop&Chop storage containers, multicolor sets, the Fig&Fig measuring cup…”, I continue.
The woman smiles sweetly and with interest as I tell this. She blinks her eyelashes slowly and gracefully. “Who did you hear this from?” I ask her attentively. “Oh, ehhh… an acquaintance of mine. He is very enthusiastic about… the workshop you gave. I’m curious…”, she says softly in her beautiful, warm voice while looking around a bit to make sure no one hears this. “Curious?” I ask doubtfully.

Her cheeks turn bright red and she can’t say anything for a moment. “If you’re curious, I organize Tupperware parties especially for women. Invite your friends, arrange snacks and drinks and I’ll take care of the rest…” I say seriously as if I tell this every day while looking in my desk drawer. “Here, whatever you want or need, text me. Trust me. Then I’ll come by to introduce the stuff.” I tell her as I take her hand and place my business card on her palm. She blushes again and looks at me deeply for a moment. She hesitates for a moment and then puts her other hand on mine. A jolt of warmth and tenderness rages through my body. The tickling is getting more in my stomach! I look at her with a sultry “I want you” look and as if reading my mind, she nods slowly. Meanwhile, I’m getting hot and stuffy and my gaze moves to our hands that touch each other for far too long. For a moment the business card lies between us; just a sandwich.

The same evening at 11 o’clock my smartphone flashes on my bedside table. “Hi Rosy, do you have time this weekend? Love, Maria.” My heart leaps for joy! I will wait a while before returning it. “What time?” I text back briefly. “20.30 have I invited my friends?, I get a reply 1 second after that, not knowing what exactly this woman has done… but she arranged it. “Great, I’m here before to explore my playing field ?¬タン I send her back “See you then, Tupperware girl x” I stare at the screen for a while and fantasize about how I would bring her to a climax. How this hot woman stood in front of me with her big breasts, tight blouse and her blushing naughty look. I feel my nipples getting stiff and my panties getting wet. I want this woman so badly! I fantasize and finger myself and finally fall into a deep sleep.

“I’m staring at the screen for a while rm and fantasize about her how I would bring her to a climax.”

Today is the day! Saturday afternoon. I get out the Tupperware stuff, dress myself up and stand in front of the mirror for hours curling my blond long hair. The curls don’t want to sit too long, so I spray half a bottle of hairspray into my hair. I put on a sexy black short dress without panties. This shows the curves of my ass nicely. Secretly I am quite nervous, but the excitement prevails! It’s always very exciting! I have no idea how this will go and actually this is really an exception with a colleague from my work. Just after half past six I drive to her house. It turns out to be close to a large forest area and for a moment I doubt whether the address is correct. Then I drive on a long sandy forest path with a large gate at the end. I lower my car window, smell the wonderful spring scents of the trees and hear the silence here in the forest. A few birds chirp for a moment and a tingling goes through my whole body. I take a deep breath and reach out to press the button.
The gate opens slowly and suddenly I’m standing in front of a huge house. Bit baffled. Absolutely no idea that Marja lives here!
Wow, full of admiration I look at the wide windows, doors, the facade. It is a remote location, but perfect for this exciting adventure. I’m sure there’s plenty of room here for my cooking utensils, chuckle to myself.

“You are here! Did you get along, dear?” Marja asks in a calmer way than when she addressed me at work. My colleague smiles sweetly as she holds the door open for me. She wears a tight jacket with black pants, her eyelashes are full of way too much mascara (this time evenly applied), her lips turn dark red from her matte lipstick and her beautiful blond hair is in a smooth full ponytail. Her jacket hides her breasts, but of course I see right through it. I would love to pull down her zipper… and feel her breasts, caress, massage… This woman is making me blush for a moment!

“Her jacket hides her breasts, but of course I can see right through it. I’m only too eager to pull down her zipper…”

The hall in the hallway is very big! I put the shopping bag with the Tupperware stuff on the floor and I hug her closely. Her warm body touched mine and I can feel her big breasts against my small tits through my clothes… She smells wonderfully of rosy perfume, which somehow reminds me of a holiday once in Paris.
“Rosy, how… ehh, yes how should I say it… How old are you anyway?” From her words I notice that she has doubts about her question. I see her pupils dilate as they slide over my dress. “Old enough,” I grin.

“I’m a few years older though!” she says, a little uncertain. “I really like women, you smell wonderful and you made me feel warm…”, I whisper in her ear. She feels my warmth against her ear and blushes profusely. Then we walk through her house and talk about work to focus on something else.
Just like everything in this house, the kitchen is also huge! A large kitchen island in the middle, a long counter and a long large dining table for up to fourteen people! “Put your stuff here, or there, where you want it. You still have some time to prepare…”, she says kindly. “You have a wonderful kitchen! I actually have my party in the living room…”, I begin.

We look at her modern, very neatly tidy living room and I put the Tupperware stuff neatly ready. Back in the kitchen I can see from her look that she is still tense somewhere. She’s not sure what to think about flirting at work, what to expect from me and this evening. My hand touches her hand and we hold each other like this for a moment. I feel her hand is a little clammy and I slide my fingers into her fingers. We blush at each other. She seems to find it a little less scary and I bend over to her. I stroke her hair and kiss her gently on the mouth. Marja hesitates for a moment and kisses me back. This time longer. Everything is raging in my stomach! I explode a little of her attraction and kiss her again, but more wildly. Before I know it, our tongues are dancing together. I take her hand and whisper, “How curious are you?”

“I stroke her hair and kiss her gently on the mouth. Marja hesitates for a moment and kisses me back. This time longer.”

Marja she looks at me very shy, really cute! I kiss her again and run my hands through her hair. I pull her elastic from her hair and stroke her loose hair. I stroke her back and slowly slide to her ass with my hands. I massage her ass. Marja lowers her mouth and moans softly. Her soft moaning encourages me and soon I take off her jacket while kissing. This woman is so horny! She wears a nice That black lace bra that shows off her huge breasts so beautifully!
My hands quickly slide to the hooks of this beautiful set and I hear her moan faster. “Go on…”, the woman moans hoarsely as I slowly give kisses between her large breasts. I kiss her erect nipples and hug them with my lips. I suck on her big nipples and slowly go down to her belly kissing…

I open her zipper and rip off her pants and look at her nice wet panties in front of me. “Sit on the kitchen island…” I tell her again with my naughty look. She does this obediently and I give kisses on her legs, from below… higher and higher… I pull her legs apart. Oh, she’s looking at me so pleading and horny now! The woman can’t take it anymore and suddenly pushes my face into her wet panties. I taste her sweet pussy juices through her thin panties. “Ahhh… yes… I want you!” she moans as she squirms her hips against my face. Marja looks at me pleadingly to take off her panties. I look naughty at her and then take the thin lingerie fabric between my teeth and pull it down… A beautiful light clump of blond pubic hair and a wet, shiny pussy emerge. I stick my tongue out and slide it along her clit. It tastes sweet and salty at the same time, delicious!
So horny that she is now moaning with every slow movement my tongue makes over her clit. I tease her a little and know she wants more. I love to see a woman beg and enjoy! Marja leans back and rests her arms on the kitchen island. My tongue spins around her clit and I slowly lick down and suck on her labia. “Ahhh…. horny young thing!” she moans loudly.

“A beautiful beautiful light clump of blond pubic hair and a wet, shiny pussy emerge.”

I taste her tender wet lips and I can’t resist sliding my tongue into her cunt… I finger her cunt with my tongue and taste and swallow her horniness. Marja screams with pleasure and now and then looks at me horny, puffing and moaning. Then I let my tongue roll over her pleasure button again and I finger her soaked cunt with my index and middle fingers. I feel her ridges inside, her g-spot and massage her inside and out. The woman squirms and flips over my fingers. I slip a third and fourth finger into her wetness. “Hmmm yes… I want more!” she screams as my fingers slide in and out of her. My fingers are in her tight cunt and I diligently continue licking and grab her hand. She almost squeezes my hand and I can feel her cunt muscles that she’s about to come.

Marja has turned quite red! I’m going deeper and faster! Then her cunt muscles suddenly tighten so tight around my fingers, her body tenses and a load of cunt fluid squirts into my mouth! The woman moans and pushes my face against her cunt so hard that I can taste all her cunt juices. What a horny colleague! I never thought this! I let her rest for a while and then pull her off the kitchen island. I take her in my arms and kiss her so deeply that she still briefly aftershocks from her orgasm. My pussy is now really soaked. I can hardly hide my wet pussy under my wet dress. The wetness is dripping down, but we see that it is already late. Time to receive her friends, so we quickly correct ourselves.

Marja takes a bowl of homemade snacks from the fridge and a few bottles of white wine. We look at each other giggling, blushing and in love. Then we hear the doorbell. The girlfriends are here! I go to my place in the living room and quickly read my speech with the products. I hear the colleague greeting her friends and soon one approaches me with an outstretched hand. We shake hands while it’s still soaking wet between my legs. Very nice and strange at the same time to meet and greet someone like this. Also very nice feeling! “Pleasant, I’m Aagje, how nice that young people organize these kinds of things.” she finally says. I smile mischievously at her. She has a short black haircut, seems a little older than Marja and very naive. Aagje is wearing a casual sweater, so nothing special, but her breasts come out mysteriously in this and it only makes me curious about what’s underneath. Her eyes sparkle and she’s wearing bright pink lipstick.

“The girlfriends are here! I go to my place in the living room and quickly read my speech with the products.”

“I’m Rosy, I may be small, but I’m no longer a youth,” I wink. For a moment it seems as if she is thinking about this and then she shrugs and sits down on the couch. “Ooh, what a beautiful name!”, I suddenly hear behind me. Another friend approaches and immediately sits down next to her friend on the couch without introducing herself. The woman is wearing a cheerful polka dot dress in the colors red and yellow. Her dark long hair hangs playfully, just like her big breasts… I look straight into her horny look… “This is Ilona, ​​my other friend. She’s 38,” Marja winks at me as she closes the room door. The woman with the huge view raises her hand and says, “Guilty. Let’s start with the Tupperware, to be honest I’m a bit tired too… Can’t you quickly show the best things?” Marja lowers her eyes and sits down between the two women.

I start with the Chop&Chop storage containers, multicolor sets and then the Fig&Fig measuring cup… The three women listen carefully to the story about the Chop&Chop, the multicolor sets, but they give up on the Fig&Fig measuring cup. They’re already a bit tipsy from the wine and joke about dick lengths. Only Marja seems to be interested. Or actually, Marja can’t take her eyes off me! We keep looking at each other for far too long and then blushing again. My eyes slide to the three, back and forth… Aagje with her short haircut, Marja with bright red cheeks and Ilona with her enormous insight. Three beautiful beautiful women sitting here in front of me! I want to see them naked in front of me!

“Only Marja seems to be interested. Or actually, Marja can’t take her eyes off me!”

From left to right I study the three mature women as I continue to tell about the measuring cup. I pull out a pink toy. Something that grabs their attention. “How long do you think this massager is?” Aagje and Ilona look surprised with happy eyes from the wine. “15 cm! No 18!” Ilona screams. The women call out all kinds of numbers and because of the corniness they cannot be silenced. Then I lift my dress just over my ass, so they can see my bare cunt and wet cunt as well. Suddenly the women fall silent. Aagje, seems to be surprised that I’m not wearing any panties. Marja looks very horny at me again and Ilona almost chokes on a gulp of white wine.
I smile mischievously at the three women. This way they can see how wet my tight young pussy is. Aagje immediately blushes and Ilona looks very carefully. Marja looks longingly at my pussy.

I look at them for a moment and then close my eyes. With my hands I knead my breasts and then let my hand slowly find its way down… The toy immediately moistens when it touches my labia and slides in like that… I push the toy deep into my young pussy, moan softly and open my eyes slowly. The three women look closely and I see that Aagje and Ilona have even turned quite red! I look mischievous at the women and give Marja the remote control of the stimulator. Marja can’t wait to turn this thing on and in no time this toy is vibrating deep inside me! The vibrations immediately feel great! I finger my clit with my dress up and lick my fingers as I go down. “Aah… faster!” I moan and the vibrations immediately get louder and faster. My gaze briefly touches Ilona’s, and my eyes drop to her full view and large breasts. “You make me so horny…”, I whisper.

I see that she gets up and sits on Aagje’s lap. She sits with her back to her and I see Aagje caressing Ilona’s belly. The women now loosen up a bit and Marja encourages the two friends and kneads Ilona’s breasts. I moan and so enjoy the three mature women in front of me! They look so horny at me as they caress each other. Then I suddenly feel the toy vibrate faster and I massage my clit faster and faster! I hear not only myself moaning loudly, but also the women. I almost can not believe it! Aagje sits with her hand in Ilona’s pants. Suddenly Marja turns off the stimulator teasingly. I look at her and want more! Please, keep going! She gestures to me and I walk towards her and I feel her warm body against me as soon as I plop on her lap. We kiss intensely and I try to grab the remote from her hand. She gives me a teasing look and I beg for more. Then she turns the stimulator back on and I cum violently and for a long time with three women around me!

“I hear not only myself moaning loudly, but also the women. I almost can not believe it!”

All four of us sit on the couch and caress and kiss each other. Me on Marja’s lap, Ilona on Aagje’s lap. Ilona is now quite red and can hardly hold it anymore. “Aaahh, what a horny girlfriend you are!”, Aagje moans as she squirms and gasps for breath. Then I slide my toy over Ilona’s lips and Ilona opens her mouth automatically. I put the toy in her mouth and so horny she moans hard with the thing in her mouth as she cums!
She shakes in all directions and Aagje looks satisfied at her friend, how she has fingered her. I pull the toy out of her mouth and whisper as I stroke her neck: “We haven’t met yet. Hello, I’m Rosy and you’re at my Tupperware party.”

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