Vaginal, Penile and Anal Jewelry
Gold, Silver and Semi Precious Stones

Sexy jewelry – precious jewels for that elegant sexy evening. At Body Body we know that a gorgeous gown or daring thong is not enough by itself.
It must be complemented by outrageous sexy jewelry.
For us sexy means precious and semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver and pure gold. We have necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings to suit every woman’s taste. All our sexy jewelry is chosen with one thought in mind – will it make you irresistible?
For the more daring Body Body’s erotic jewelry is a must have. We carry body jewelry, clit and penis jewelry and a large selection of nipple jewelry items in a wide price range.
A special treat is the French jewelry hand made in Paris by internationally renowned erotic designers.
Their work is is silver and gold plate with semi precious stones. Most of Body Body’s jewelry is non-piercing.
We have an elegant selection of jewelry that is vaginally or anally insertable.
We also have body adornments especially for fetish and bdsm use. You have to try them to appreciate them.
This erotic jewelry is also made in Europe at the ateliers of top erotic fetish designers.
Treat yourself to sexy jewelry.

Insertable Jewelry

Body Body’s penetrating jewelry is first and foremost a decorative accessory.
It displays the wearer’s beauty and elegance. But our particular erotic jewelry is also a sexual stimulant. It provides closely guarded stimulating sensations.
This is the mix of pleasure and refinement that is unique to Body Body.
These pieces are more than sex toys and unparalleled in the realm of penetrating jewelry.
We offer Geisha Balls, Insertable eggs and Orbs, flower charms and creatively original jewelry g-strings.
Each piece is hand crafted from the very best quality materials such as hypoallergenic gold and silver plate
and they are totally hypoallergenic. Any woman can wear our penetrating jewelry without hesitation. Styles are individually designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Each jewel adapts to a woman’s most secret and most intimate bodily recesses.
Body Body women wear their jewels in secret. They finger the orbs and delight in the forbidden sensations.