Why should you buy a thong and who can wear it?

A thong is a charming form of panty. There is hardly any other item of clothing with which you will captivate your partner’s attention more. Thongs come in a number of versions and types and thus offer a wide range of sensual and seductive models.

Sensual lingerie is suitable for every woman! In many people’s minds, thongs and provocative pantys of a similar make are only for younger women that look like models, but this is neither the reality nor would it be considered the norm. Our thongs stand out in terms of fabrics, embellishments, and workmanship – you make your choice for yourself or your sweetheart and select one of many sophisticated models. In our shop you will not only get a thong in your favourite colour, but with lovely embroidery made in Switzerland and Italy, fabrics from Italy and different jewellery chains from France with sequins or Swarovski crystals. Women of all ages appreciate our thongs and wear them for the most diverse occasions.


Can you wear a sexy thong in everyday life?

Is a thong the right underwear for everyday wear or is it rather not suitable? That depends largely on the quality of your thong. When you buy a thong from us, you are not only choosing a beautiful design, but also an exact fit. You will receive your new luxury thong in sizes from XXS to XL. We also use stretchy fabrics for our thongs, which are made by specialists in Italy.
Thong bands are made of thin, elastic natural rubber and fit tightly without cutting into your skin. This means that you can happily wear your new favourite thong in everyday life. After all, you are doing this for yourself! Wear the underwear you like and feel comfortable with. Our customers report that a thong can boost self-confidence. Live out your femininity. If only you know and see what you are wearing underneath and feel comfortable, then our thongs have already inspired the most important person – you!

What is good to wear a thong under?

Thongs are minimalist underwear, score points for their amazing wearing comfort and – you certainly wouldn’t expect this from classy underwear – invisibility in everyday life. The latter is especially true in situations in which you don’t want your underwear to be seen. Panties are not always the right choice, especially with sportswear and leggings, as larger areas of fabric show clearly. A micro thong, on the other hand, is easy to conceal.

For a sports outfit, functional underwear is the right choice, but our elastic, high-quality models easily withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life at work and during leisure time. For light-coloured or white clothing, which is often see-through in summer, we recommend choosing thongs in matching colours. We stock many styles in white or pink as well as pastel shades. A little caution is advised with very short skirts. Here you alone decide how comfortable you feel in a thong.


Mini and micro thongs from Lucky Cheeks are pleasant choices to wear underneath all other skirts, fabric or jeans trousers, overalls and trouser suits. There are no limits for you here. We’ll be happy to help you decide which one to choose. Take a look around the selection in our thong shop and find your dream underwear. Give your loved one an elegant model in her favourite colour and let’s be honest – you’ll also be giving yourself a present.

Why do women wear thongs?

Every woman has her own style and there are various motivations that are aesthetic or practical. The most important reason should be that a woman feels comfortable with it and identifies with it. Thongs are sexy, provocative and erotic. They express self-confidence and can be worn under any clothes. Their aesthetic and attractive effect is certainly a reason for the great popularity of this lingerie. Many men find the touch of nothing exciting and enjoy the sight of a thong. He gives so much freely and yet leaves enough room for imagination. Strings are furthermore a nice gift idea and are gladly given by men to their lady of the heart on various occasions. Strings are also predestined by their minimalist appearance to wear them under certain clothes. They can be hidden very well under tight-fitting clothes. These include hot pants, dresses and skirts, as well as other body-hugging fashion.

What types of panties are there?

Women’s underwear is versatile and different terms describe the most common types of panties. The classic panty covers the area on the front and back extensively. So-called culottes (shorts) tend to be described as high-cut underpants that reach above the belly button. Shortys are standardized and panties and panties have a slightly skimpier design. Panties feature a wider side cuff. However, there are also wide boxer shorts. Unlike panties, which are more commonly worn by women, shorts and boxers are mostly found on men these days. Some terms are more modern and merge into other categories of briefs. A more specific subtype is hipsters worn lower on the hips, which are designed to be very close to the body. Brazilian panties are cut like regular briefs in the front, but cover only the upper part of the buttocks in the back. Briefs and Brazilian briefs tend to be a little tighter fitting. In thongs, the front panty area is still classically designed. Meanwhile, the buttocks are released more extensively and can be staged sexy. Strings are even more minimalist and provocative. With them, the waistband is no longer wide, but, as the name suggests, implemented as a string or narrow. There are several types of thongs, which also exist as mini- or micro-strings.

Which panties to which butt?


Apple butt, pear butt or square? There are several butt shapes, for each of which different panties are suitable. The round butt, often called apple butt, has a little more volume, which can be excellently staged. This goes over gorgeous thongs ideal. In addition, classic panties and briefs are suitable, as well as modeling panties (shapewear fashion). With these, you bring the respectable fullness into a good shape and radiate with your existing curves. If you have a rather flatter bottom, you belong to the category “square”. What is meant here is the visual impression as a straight shape from the hip bone to the base of the thigh. Many athletic, rather slim women possess it. They do not have voluptuous curves, but can emphasize or push the trained body with different types of panties. Thong panties and thongs are ideal for sexily emphasizing a slightly flatter bottom. A completely different way, which is also very effective, are panties with high leg cut. Extremely popular among sporty women with less buttocks are comfortable to wear boxer shorts or cute panties. A butt in the shape of a heart is voluminous, but less pronounced in the lower part. The hips above it also tend to be narrower, resulting in an overall heart shape. Hipster panties (hipsters) are ideal for this butt shape. Any thongs or panties that sit rather low on the hips will give this bottom a good look. They cover the buttocks and give it a more advantageous shape. If you want the butt to look a little narrower, panties are an elegant choice. You should definitely avoid panties with a higher leg cut. They emphasize exactly the part that should not be visually emphasized. The pear bottom or the inverted heart shape is characterized by the fact that the bottom is widest at the bottom, below the hips. For this type, in addition to thongs and office panties, all briefs with high-cut legs are well suited. In addition, there are slant-cut panties and high-waist panties. Tight panties, on the other hand, are a no-go for the inverted heart shape.

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