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While Parfait isn’t the buzziest brand in the industry, many of their offerings are a take on comfortable favorites that really work. They are also stealth staples in many boutiques: lots of my clients rave about their t-shirt bras and won’t replace them with anything else. In some ways the Charlotte is an outlier as their catalogue mostly focuses on staples and standards, with an emphasis on easy to love moulded cup bras with a dash of lace. In terms of fashion pieces, their Sandrine Plunge Longline and Romina Unlined bra are worth a look for boutiques looking for something different to carry. In fact, the Romina reminds me a lot of the old Claudette aesthetic – something that is sadly missed among full-figured and full-busted lingerie customers currently.

Mostly though, I’m recommending Parfait because the brand has become a industry classic. I liked the Charlotte in my early 20’s and I still like it now in my early 30’s, which is a hard trick to pull off. The brand is also consistent. While tweaks have been made to bra builds, the brand still feels like it did when it was first introduced. If you’re looking for something classic yet new, Parfait is a great brand to try out.

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