Why Women Must Say ‘NO’ to Breast Implants NOW?

This is my telltale how I finally lifted the weight off my chest. (Quite literally)
I still remember the day I got my breast implants – which I was sure were the solution to all the problems in my life.
I was giddy, to say the least. It was a 2-hour long procedure and a month-long recovery.
Which I can’t even remember going through as I was over the hills with my new set of bosoms.

Everyone around me was ecstatic too with how different I looked. The confidence, I got with a little upliftment of my frontal display was phenomenal.

And Then Every Second of Agony

Roll forward to 4 years ahead and I remember each and every second of agony – I went through in those past 4 years. It started with swollen joints which I blamed on my pregnancy. It was normal for mum-to-be’s and new mums to have similar post-baby body ache.

Then for next couple of months, I faced several other setbacks in my body. Fatigue, hair falling out, thyroid issues, liver issues, and hormone issues were some of the symptoms that I blamed on getting old and well, on life.

My Silicone Happiness

As a mother of two and a person with a hectic schedule, I would have never thought that the reason behind my misery could be my breast implants so to say – ‘Silicone Happiness’. It was only after hundreds of hospital visits and hopeless reports did I discover the side effects of my implants.

It was a facebook page which led me to this discovery, where women from all ages were discussing on a thread about BII (breast implant illness).
Having no jackass clue about this BII, I started reading more. Breast Implant Illnesses: What’s the Evidence?

I learned just because I had silicone implants, doesn’t mean that I was safe. All breast implants are wrapped in a silicone casing that eventually breaks down in your body over time and our bodies are forced to constantly fight that foreign object.
This weakens the immune system and disrupts our endocrine system tremendously leading to give one all the miseries in the world.

Removing its and bits

Needless to say, after thorough research on my part I booked an appointment and got ready to remove its and bits which weren’t entirely me. I wasn’t ready to let go of a body part which was now a part of my identity and part of me.

But the agony I was in far exceeded my need to look appealing in my own eyes.

So I went under the needle once again. And this time too I was giddy and excited. Excited to finally feel like my old self, one where I wasn’t dipped in sadness and pain. It wasn’t just me who was suffering from my illness. Everyone around me went through the agony of having a loved one go through hell and back. The question to go under it was unquestionable.

As of today, it’s been 6 months since my second surgery and I can’t be happier. My body is still recovering but it’s getting there. Living without the extra weight on my chest wasn’t easy but I am learning a lot about myself in this journey.

Self love over plastic love
There will always remain self-doubts about our beauty and our bodies in this ever-changing world which expects us to be nothing less than perfect.

The realization which took me 4 years and hella lot pain was that I was always perfect. Plastic surgeries aren’t the answer for me and for anyone else who is more than perfect for this world.

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